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Quality, Purity & Hygiene

Incorporated in the year 2011, Nandi today is a household name in cooking. With state of the art, fully automatic production units that ensure that all our processes are completed with optimum hygiene, untouched by human hands. We take special care of each & every process – be it sourcing the grains, whole spices or pulses, processing them, packing them for your use or making sure they are easily available at a store near you. At Nandi, our strong belief - we are what we eat, fuels our passion for providing best possible cooking ingredients for a healthy & balanced diet.

Pulses, Spices and grains have always been an inseparable part of Indian staple diet. They are, in fact a part of our rich heritage. That is why, all our products emerging from the passion are fuelling our vision – pulses, spices, aata, besan & achaars are always authentic & pure.

Our modern process ensure that all our produce retain their natural nutrition, goodness & aroma.

    Our popular products are:

  • Flour | Salt | Pickles | Maida | Sooji | Besan | Daliya



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Healthy Ingredients

100% Natural