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Nandi Agro is a decade old renowned Agro Product Manufacturer. Nandi Agro is a leader in food grain business owing its emphasis on maintaining quality. We host the latest milling and grinding technology to provide top quality products.

We are one of the top flour manufacturers with huge network in Uttar Pradesh. We have wide range of products like Atta, Maida, Sooji, Daliya, Himalayan Salt, etc. Ingredients are carefully hand-picked and processed with the same love and care with which you prepare your food.Nandi goes straight to the source for the finest grains to produce the best ingredients that you can use in your kitchen. The grains are UNTOUCHED to maintain proper level of hygiene and mental wellbeing. NO PRESERVATIVES ensure you get authentic organic food product. To lock-in the freshness of products,Nandi uses world class technology in packaging across all categories - whether it is the PET Poly Packaging used to give you fresh Chakki Atta or the four layer international pouch to retain the flavour of Salt. Our products are free from all artificial preservatives which help in mental as well as physical growth of the family members.



Good healthy food for all



Your partner in preserving and warding your family’s health and prosperity


  • • Everyone has right to affordable good healthy food
  • • Stringent quality checks
  • • Holistic approach to reach excellence

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